Sleep Kills Cancer, Other Snoozing Benefits, and Why I Will Never Sleep With The Lights On Again

10 benefits of sleeping

"Sleep kills cancer", this is the most memorable quote for me after I read John Green's books, The Fault In Our Stars which is to have a movie adaptation next year, June 6, 2014 (my birth month! yay!)

I don't know the science behind this claim but I found this cool infographic today detailing 10 facts about sleeping and its health benefits.

Item number 2 states that sleep may prevent cancer. 

"Light exposure reduces the level of melatonin, a hormone that both makes us sleepy and is thought to protect against cancer. Melatonin appears to suppress the growth of tumors. Be sure that your bedroom is dark to help your body produce the melatonin needs."

It says "prevent", not kill. Which is which? Let me enlighten you from a cancer patient perspective.

You have probably heard a lot of people saying that they are cancer free. It is true at the same time false. Why? Because the term "cancer free" is relative. Since cancer cells are microscopic and tends to hide in the body for an undetermined amount of time, no one really knows if they are truly cancer free and this does not only apply to those already diagnosed.

Fighting cancer is a lifetime journey. But life goes on because the quest to health is also a life long journey for everyone, with or without cancer.

Below are 9 more benefits of sleeping put together Computer Studies Government De La Salle University.

Sleep Facts