A Sweet Escape at Estaca Bay Compostela, Cebu

My boyfriend went to my home one early morning (as in dawn), woke me up and said we will go to the beach. If my memory is correct, I think I have told him nights before that I wanted to go and there he was making my wish come true. My instant genie in a bottle. How sweet.

I am from Liloan but I am not familiar with any of our beaches. Shame on me. Well, that only shows what type of person I am, a boring home buddy. The only beach I'm confident that I know of is Estaca Beach resort or Istakili in Compostela, a town right next to Liloan.

Estaca Bay, Compostela Cebu

Our trip was unplanned --- literally a surprise. We only brought a few things, hopped on his motorbike and decided to just buy food on the road. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and when you are in Liloan on a day like this, forget cooking.

Puso (hanging rice), pork belly bbq, adobong sha-e (deep fried pork intestines) and kinilaw

Every Sunday is like a fiesta here, there are lots of local delicacies to choose from. Lechon, all kinds of barbecue and grilled sea foods, different types of kinilaw, refreshments, kakanin, fruits and much much more sold near San Fernando Parish church. 

We didn't bring any plates and utensils. Sorry mother earth.

Even on a limited budget, you can experience a feast of the local viands. Somehow writing post is making me hungry. After buying our food, off we go to Compostela.

There is an entrance fee that you need to pay when you visit Estaca unless you are renting one of their rooms. Since there are only two of us, we only rented tables and chairs. Forgive me, but I have forgotten how much the cost of their facilities and services are. Perhaps, in another blog post.

the beach
There is no white sand here, nor fine sands but creating memories is what you do here. If you are looking for a quick break from the city, northern Cebu has a lot to offer with affordable beach resorts just an hour drive away and one of them is Estaca Bay Gardens Conference Resort. I personally prefer them for they are more secure.

It was actually not our first time together in Estaca. We've been here before. This one night after work we felt so tired an exhausted from the city and out nowhere went here for a night swim. We didn't have any change of clothes but fortunately for me I was able to bring my running gears. I could not imagine what could have happened in case I didn't but oh boy it was really fun. Sometimes, we just need to be spontaneous and escape to a beach somewhere.

Do you have any unplanned adventures with your loved ones? Please do share in the comments section below. I'd love to hear about them.