Pulling the Plug: How to Disappear From The Online World Forever [Infographic]

How to Disappear Online

For most people, the start of a new year signifies a new beginning - a new life. Sometimes, that new life could involve huge changes like erasing one's self from the internet?

In today's world where almost everyone is sharing and posting on social media, being inactive or having zero online presence feels like you don't exists. Well, at least, that is how I see it.

Have you ever had an encounter wherein you run into a friend or acquaintance whom you haven't seen for a while and he or she says something like, "How come I don't see you posting on Facebook?".

When I stumbled upon this infographic on How to Disappear Online by WhoIsHotingThis.Com, I thought, "why would anyone want to disappear from the online world?". Having the ability to stay connected to the world 24/7 via the internet particularly through social networking sites feels like the most awesome thing that technology gave to humanity. But then again, there are cases wherein your social media profiles can cost you a job offer or even your relationships.

Being active online have its own advantages and disadvantages depending on how you use it. Social media like Facebook and Twitter may sound harmless but just as our actions in the real world can have serious consequences, the same is true for our online behavior. If you want to do social media, you have to be responsible. As per GMA-7's campaign, think before you click.

The concept of removing yourself from the internet may sound like a lot of work but really, it's not. Whatever reason you may have for wanting to make your self invisible online, the information provided from the infographic below gives you clear step-by-step instructions.

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How to Disappear Online by Who Is Hosting This: The Blog