How To Effectively Wrap Gifts and Why You Should Consider Recycling Gift Wrappers / Boxes

Only a few days to go until Christmas. I guess most of you are already done with your Christmas shopping.

When it comes to gift-giving, we often hear this phrase that it's the thought that counts. I have no issues on what kind of gift you give me however I would like to share that I get 200x happier when the gift comes in a very nice presentation. I'm not talking about expensive gift wrappers either, if they exist.

It makes you feel extra special when the person spent time making the present presentable. According to a marketing director of a New York based paper boutique from a 2004 article in the Chicago Tribune, "When you give a gift, it is more than handing something to someone and saying 'I spent money on you,'".

"The fact is that the gift is diminished if the wrapping is lacking. You haven't really given something if you haven't seen it all the way through." As for me, it's the element of surprise and the anticipation part that makes gift wrapping important.

Gift wrapping can be a daunting task for some especially men and it amazes me how some of them get so techie on their computer rigs, video game consoles, or motorcycle bikes but can't seem to find their way through wrapping a box. Peace. I can' take the fact that there are also ladies that have the same issues.

Below is a neat infographic from with details on how to wrap a gift  effectively and beautifully at the same time cut down on cardboard and paper waste.

Gift Wrap Unwrapped