30 Things You Should Start Doing for Yourself and Improve Your Life

What comes after Christmas? New Year!

Aside from family reunions and gatherings, this season marks the end of another year. This is also the time when people start making their resolutions for the coming New Year.

If the year 2013 has not been good for you, perhaps it is time to ponder on whether or not you have paid enough attention for yourself. Listen to your inner voice. Maybe, you were to hard on your self?

The greatest lesson I learned this year is learning to love yourself. I only wanted to help people but in the process, I forgot about my self and end up being miserable. A new friend I meet this year taught me that in order to help others, I must learn to help myself first.

While browsing through my friends' blogs, I stumbled upon this very inspiring infographic that talks about 30 things you should start doing for yourself that will help you to improve your life.

I think, the tips suggested on the infographic are actionable and can greatly improve your self worth. If there is anything I badly desire this Christmas is to gain my self confidence back.

If you knew me from my student days, you wouldn't believe I have this kind of struggle. I was a consistent honor student. Achiever. Student Leader.

Remember the parable about the carrot, egg, and coffee ground? I think after graduating from college, I became a carrot that became a softie, weak.

The first step to overcoming your weaknesses is to recognize them. My goal now is to get my mojo back and become a confident woman starting off with taking care of myself.

Anyone can use these tips and if you want an elaborate version, check out the original blog post where the texts were based.

30 Things to start doing yourself