On The 8th Day, God Made A Geek (Video Plus Transcript)

I found this really amazing video that celebrates geekdom from comic book geeks, movie geeks, video game geeks, science geek, and all sorts of geekiness. Gave me so much feels~ I cried, had goosebumps, felt proud from my geeky bros and sis, but the last part made me think, "am I worthy of calling my self a geek?"

What Makes a Geek?

In the past, the word geek has a negative connotation to it and is usually used to refer to weird people in the carnival doing morbid stunts. Yeah, you read that right. Wikipedia says so. Today, it is being used to refer to highly intellectual people such as programmers and scientists who made major contributions to the world.

Are you a GEEK? Image credit: http://www.shopify.com
For me, geeks are people with a deep passion for the things they are interested in to the point of obsession. If you are curious on what I am obsessed about, I'd rather not tell you because I can't just publicly announce my weakness to the rest of the world. Here's a better article that tackles what makes a geek and below is the video I was talking about and below that video is the transcript. (Every word resonates with me so I was compelled to transcribe it. I got a little carried away. :D)

Credits for the team at Geek Media Expo in Nashville for creating this video and to Geek Alabama for sharing it.

Video transcript starts here.

And on the 8th day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, "I need an innovator". So God, made a geek.

God said, "I need someone to stay up late. Troubleshoot. Reboot. Uninstall. Re install  Debug. Crawl into bed for just one blissful hour. Wake up. Defrag. Scan disks. System restore. Go to work. Come home. Take the whole thing apart. Rebuild it better and then re install again."

So God made a geek.

God said, "I need them to read. Collect. Discuss and preserve the art and stories of an entire culture. I need someone to carefully catalog each issue and never touch the cover of the prized possessions. They will have to be strong enough to stand up to those who do not understand, make jokes at their expense and torment them out of ignorance yet be gentle enough to care for each and every issue."

So God made a geek.

God said, "I need someone to for go sleep when the newest AAA comes out. Someone to stay awake all night because they can't quit 'till their K/D ratio is at least to 2. Someone to harvest, trade skill, group, and raid until their eyeballs bleed. Someone to get frustrated, give up, but come back that much stronger and dedicated to beating this game."

So God made a geek.

"I need somebody to dare do things we've only dreamed about. Daring enough to set aside thousands of brilliant ideas in order to perfect one. Someone who will be brave enough to take our way of life and think differently about how we are connected. Someone that can stand up and be a leader not only of the industry but society itself."

So God made a geek.

"I need someone to dream that going to far away places is not only possible but to come up with a way for human kind to get there. I need them to study, design, and create a way to propel them over water, air, and finally through the heavens. I need that person to spend their entire life pursuing the dream of firing a rocket on earth and landing it on another planet. Dedicated to hitting that one impossible target doing it safely so that all mankind can follow in their footsteps."

So God made a geek.

God said, "I need someone that will create a place to gather and meet. A safe harbor for them to be themselves and show off the things they know, exchange ideas, and come up with new ones. A place where you share a hotel room with ten other people and only see them for 2 hours the entire weekend. A place to meet heroes and share adventures. Celebrate all things geeky and different. A place to feel like home even if just for a few days."

So God made a geek.