OneManDown 'Rudie Boi' Official Music Video

I do wan't to update this blog and tell you a lot of things but as of the moment I feel so tired and I'm still in pain. I just got back from my second surgery. For now, let me share to you my favorite music as of the moment and my other side. Its entitled "Rudie Boi" by a Cebuano punk group One Man Down.

I have been waiting for the music video to launch since I was first introduced to this band. I'm just so happy I could listen to this the whole day. fangasm~

One Man Down Cebu
Get up on your feet, put your braces together and give me some of that old moonstomping...

If you guys want to check them out, they are playing this coming January 19, 2013 with other Cebu local bands and some guest bands from Bacolod. See details on the poster below.

Click on image for a larger view
AFK for now.